Portfolio > Ectoplasm Portraits

Borrowing techniques from 20th century photographers and mediums, I have created a series of ectoplasm portraits using an 8x10 camera and paper negatives. In this series, the human form is myself because I wanted to connect and have more control over the ectoplasms that I was capturing. As a person who has done research on the paranormal, I felt like I would personally have a better connection with the ectoplasms that I was capturing.

Using one spotlight on the subjects gives the photographs an eerie feeling to them. Perfect even lighting for these portraits would be boring and not as exciting and different as the lighting used. I chose to use an 8x10 camera because I wanted to feel like a 20th century photographer/medium. I did not want to shoot these photographs digitally because I wanted the challenge of doing everything in camera or in the darkroom.